About us

Airy wants to enable people to breathe healthy air again.

The Airy System is a powerful biofilter against pollutants and odours in the air. It is significantly more effective and reduces more types of pollutants than a plant in a conventional pot. 

The Airy's ventilation system is based on NASA findings: plants clean the air with their roots. It brings the pollutants directly to the root system and thus ensures maximum cleaning performance. 

The Airy system consists of 3 components

- The Airy in different sizes.
- Mineral substrate that filters pollutants and odours and regulates humidity.
- An air-purifying plant that breaks down pollutants, cleans the mineral substrate and produces fresh air.

The internationally patented Airy system works silently and 100% natural. Therefore it needs neither electricity nor the exchange of filters. A water reservoir enables exceptionally long watering and maintenance intervals and thus a green thumb for everyone.