AIRY System M Snow White / Late Spring - incl. 6 litres mineral substrate

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  • Cover: Snow White - Basis: Late Spring
  • Außendurchmesser: 270mm
AIRY System M In the AIRY System M an air-purifying plant (17 - 19 cm root diameter) can be... more
Product information "AIRY System M Snow White / Late Spring - incl. 6 litres mineral substrate"

AIRY System M
In the AIRY System M an air-purifying plant (17 - 19 cm root diameter) can be potted. With its diameter of 27.9 cm, the ready planted pot can be placed on the ground or stool and is therefore ideal for plants that grow higher, such as Ficus Benjamina or dragon tree. The AIRY system is sufficient to supply a room of up to 20 m2 with fresh air. Thanks to the integrated water tank with a volume of 1.6 l, the potted plant only needs to be watered about every 2 weeks.

Our model snow white / late spring is suitable for a year-round spring ambience.

AIRY air purification systems
The air you breathe is your most important resource. But at home or in the office, it can often be of very poor quality: too little moisture, too much CO2, fine dust and chemical vapours. All this is a long-term strain on your body.
We at AIRY are committed to the mission of giving you healthy air to breathe again. Simple and natural, sustainable and effective.

• air humidification
• air purification
• CO2 breakdown via photosynthesis
• ensuring success
• Little maintenance
• No energy consumption
• No noise

The AIRY System
AIRY planting system
The design of the AIRY plant pot is unique and the result of years of research. The plant sits in a perforated inner pot, which stands in a bottom container with a water reservoir. Openings on the floor ventilate the system by allowing air to circulate between the inner pot and the outer wall.

AIRY mineral substrate
The mineral substrate developed by AIRY offers your plant an ideal environment for growth. It stores water, holds nutrients and regulates moisture. It also acts like a filter: pollutants, particles and odours in the air are bound to the mineral substrate.

AIRY plant
NASA studies show that plants convert air pollutants into nutrients for themselves without leaving any residue. For this to succeed, gaseous pollutants (VOC) in particular must reach the root system. The leaves make only a very small contribution here. The ventilation of the AIRY system in the root area, on the other hand, ensures the highest level of effectiveness. Thanks to the perforated inner pot, no ring roots are formed. Rather, the hair roots of the plant, which are responsible for the absorption of nutrients, develop optimally and ensure effective, long-lasting performance.

Scope of services of the AIRY systems

Humidity regulation
The humidity level in your rooms should be between 40 and 60%. In most cases, it is significantly lower. This is where plants help you, as they release over 90% of the absorbed moisture back into their environment. Moisture also evaporates from the open water tank. By the way: if the air humidity is too high, the plants and substrate absorb it.

Reduction of CO2
CO2 has a direct effect on our well-being: it makes us tired and flabby. Plants absorb CO2 during photosynthesis and convert it into oxygen. A fascinating and vital process. Remarkably, some plants, like the Aloe Vera or Sansevieria, absorb CO2 at night. This makes them ideal for the bedroom.

Air purification of gaseous pollutants
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde or benzene are emitted from paints and varnishes, as well as furniture and fabrics. Scientific research speaks of the "Toxic Home Effect". Technical filters can do little against these VOCs. Many plants, on the other hand, love them. Desert plants in particular are highly effective in the residue-free conversion of pollutants into nutrients.

Ensuring success, with or without a green thumb
You don't have a green thumb? Then the AIRY system is just right for you to green up your rooms after all, because we do everything we can to offer you certain success. This includes the water tank with the clearly visible indicator. Or the perforated inner pot, which ensures that no ring roots can form. You will never have to repot again! After just two weeks of settling in, you will see that your plants are growing!

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